It's been 8 months now since we started blogging. So many wonderful and adventurous moments in this journey of life as we learn to captured every moment of this life and share it among others. And to be given this amazing platform to do life together and met with so many wonderful people along the way, it's beyond what we could ever imagine. In this journey, people often ask us why we call our blog The Unusual? or to some maybe what is this blog all about? Well loves, we hope that after reading this blog post, we answered the questions 😉


So here we go ..


Why The Unusual?


5 different women with 5 different opinions but shares one vision .. in itself is unusual to us. As you can imagine, women can be very opinionated. We knew the moment we said yes to this, it's going to be not only an amazing ride of journey but an adventurous journey of learning life together as well. And that's what we want to focus on. "Learning Life Together" and making it amazing. To us as moms, wives, sisters, partner in relationship, co workers .. this life can be so "usual" at times. We can be disappointed, frustrated just because of not enough sleep, house work duties, too many works to be done at job, children that needs to be at one activities or another every other day on top of school homework, the list can go on and on ..


We realized by taking "usual" occurrences in life and turning it into "unusual" by finding joy in the little things, enjoying the moment, choosing love even when it is the hardest, is one of the best way to make this life amazing. Because this life that God created was meant to be amazing to begin with and if we don't make the best of it, then it is simply wasted. Don't get us wrong, we are human after all. We do take things for granted at times, we do get caught up in what life throws at us, but in the end .. we have each other to remind us each and everyday and to support and encourage us that life is a beautiful mess and that we must embrace the beauty of it. We strive to be better each day ...


What is this blog all about?


Not only we want to encourage each other and everyone we encounter to "Love" living this life and making it amazing no matter what, but we also want to remind ourselves to be a blessing to everyone around us and be contagious in "Love" to the people standing next to us. We're not perfect. As a matter of fact, God knows we are the one who needed to be reminded the most.


Realizing that Love is the greatest, we want to be able to share the "Love" without ceasing especially to those that are less fortunate. We love being teamed up with Love One Another Project who helped us realized and inspired us to be selfless. Not everyone was born fortunate. To some they have to endured 'not so fair life' in early age. Our hope is that by doing what we're doing, to share the "Love" that God has given us first, it will help support and raise the awareness by giving back portion of our merchandise profit back to the charity, and doing events that can help raise more money for the charity, will at least help make someone's life a little better. Because we believe one Love at a time does make a difference.


So why wait? Let's be the change. Together we can accomplish something beautiful, even if it is a mess to begin with.

... bringing it back to the very beginning, why is The Unusual?