Why not a weekend getaway? Yeah sure!

Who doesn’t need a weekend of no responsibilities but a time to unwind from a busy week of duties, lounging by the pool, sipping on rose or your favorite drink and enjoying the sun, nonsense chit-chats, stay in and watch a movie while eating junk food? 


To us, in this life of womanhood, every girl needs a time away with her girlfriends where there’s more time to chat about life and do girly things together without feeling too rushed or maybe even chat away through the night just like we did in our teenage years at a slumber party. 


The reality is, we tend to let our day to day routine overrule our life and drain us both physically and emotionally. Especially when life’s responsibilities become a dragging situation, and we realize that a simple few days away from the norm becomes a necessity. 


This past weekend we gave this ‘weekend getaway’ a chance. And sure enough, we were reminded once again .. that a pure relaxation of it all and being in the present definitely gave us lot of good to our mind, body and soul, but most importantly to our relationship to one another. It’s those precious moments that make this friendship/sisterhood stronger. We too need girl bonding time, because sometimes a quick coffee date or a bite to eat isn’t enough. 


It doesn't have to be expensive. Whether it is local or not, all we need is a time away with the girlfriends where the agenda of the day mostly consist of lots and lots of relaxation and laughter on repeat.


So, no matter what situation life throws at us, go out there, relax and enjoy yourself. Don’t forget that some girl bonding time is simply what we crave or long for. Find the time to spend with our loved ones and that include our time with the girlfriends.


Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters in life. Embrace it and find a getaway ..