One of our goals for this year is to help those who are less fortunate in any way we can. There are so many out there who are struggling for whatever the reason may be, and any help we can provide will definitely leave an impact and make a difference in their lives, whether we do something big or something as small as providing them with, let's say, water for example. Because to them, water can mean anything. Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something. Sometimes we take things for granted and often forget that there are others out there who are less fortunate compare to us.


We love how through our journey, we have met with so many wonderful people who's love and passion is to make someone's life a little better. Knowing that any help is better than nothing at all, we are honored to be given the opportunity to work together alongside our dear friend from Toko-Toko. A Los Angeles based online shop and pop-up shop organizer who have the heart of commitment to Water is Life campaign. A non profit organization based in Ngimbang village in East Java, Indonesia. Leading on to our very first collaboration event together that will happen soon and very soon at Cafe 86 in Pasadena CA, well .. June 24th to be exact, we want to share a little bit about the charity. The goals of this event is to give all of us the opportunity to give back. And what better way than to do it while we hangout, take a sip of coffee or drinks, enjoy the live tunes and shop some of our favorite things right? best of all, a portion of our purchase will benefit the charity.


We have always believe in our hearts that together we can make a difference, together is better than one, together we can do great things, and most of all .. together we can make someone's life a little better. Because the feeling of true joy when you give something back is unexplainable but a mighty one indeed.

Our Thank You to Lolo Santosa and Susan Erni for allowing us to share what's dear to their hearts ...

Here's a little passionate note from behind the heart of Lolo Santosa -founder and owner of Toko-Toko.


Water is Life' is the title we gave to our fundraising project to raise money in an attempt to assist areas that are in need of fund to bring in clean water.

I came across Ngimbang village in East Java, Indonesia in July 2015. My cousin at the time was traveling extensively to villages in central and east Java, her project was to educate women in the villages of the health benefit of breast feeding (due to the lack of education in many villages in Indonesia, many women believe breast feeding was a low-income way to raise one's baby, and therefore shunned as 'embarrassing'. They were very much brain washed by local television ads on how much healthier your babies will be with the use of formula). The international non-profit that sponsored my cousin is doing an amazing job in bringing awareness including sending many educators such as my cousin to educate the women in this villages. However, my cousin mentioned that there were many areas in East Java that are having water difficulties. Ngimbang village being one receiving the most severe impact.

Ngimbang is a small village, population 3,815 located in Tuban region of East Java, Indonesia. For years they collected rain water by using home-made dam and wells. However, with the impact of global warming, the village received a lot less rain, and by 2010 their main water resources have all dried up. People started to take the long walk to neighboring villages as early as 4am to avoid line of people with buckets to fill. On a daily basis, women and children would walk approximately 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) one way to get clean water. From the few non-profits in East Java, we partner with Spektra in their programs to bring in water to the village. The extensive work of planting pipes from water points in other villages, education on effective use of water and health prevention have been carried out by this small non-profit. The fund Toko-Toko raised has enabled Spektra to purchase sinks to be installed in four schools in Ngimbang village, allowing children to wash their hands before meal and to have this water boiled and become safe drinking water in schools. Spektra also assist a bigger non-profit called Hippam, which conduct the much bigger scope of industrial work and technology of pipes and pump installations to and in the village. Each family is tasked a small monthly fee for access to clean water, unfortunately many of the families are so poor, they can't event afford this. Toko-Toko so far has helped paid two families to pay for their fees for the year.  Our hope is we will be able to assist more families and public schools in receiving clean water.  

When I started Toko-Toko, I wholeheartedly believe in lifting up others. I truly believe that Toko-Toko is a bridge that connects supplies and demands of materials and goods. A bridge that connects communities. And in that function of a bridge, I also truly see there is a strong responsibility of helping the less fortunate in the communities when we are able. I have been very fortunate that God connects me with Susan, it is through her strong business sense Toko-Toko has been able to do more for Ngimbang than I have ever imagined.