The month of February, the month of love. Each year on the 14th day, millions of people across the world present their special "Valentine" with flowers, chocolates, candy and other lovely gifts. Are you thinking of what to get for your special Valentine? If you are on a budget, just like us, have no worries, we have a few 'on-a-budget' Valentine gift ideas for you. 


Celebrating Valentines Day does not have to be heavy in our pockets or sometimes may not even have a price tag at all. Let's not forget, Valentines Day is about celebrating our relationship and the joy of togetherness with our loved ones.

1. The good 'ole candlelight dinner. To us, it's not about the food that makes it special but the set up. Turn down the lights, light up the candle or candles, add a vase of flowers, set up the table, and maybe leave a little love note on the plate setting. The ambiance of the room will set you up for a very romantic dinner.


2. Make (or buy) a romantic coupon book that can be redeemed throughout the year.  In the coupon book, you can include vouchers to be traded in for things like:

       - A home cook dinner of your choice

       - 30min massage followed by a hot bubble bath with me.

       - Movie night

       - Today, I am at your service, your wish is my command

       - Drop whatever you're doing and dance with me


Well you get the point, you can get as creative, as romantic or as seductive as you would like it to be. It is so much fun! Not as creative? No worries, Amazon has you covered. This premade coupon book is less than $10.

The Romantic Coupon Book


3. Write a love letter to your special man. When was the last time we write handwritten letters? Do we even know what a letter is anymore? Write hand written letter just stating how special your loved one is. Want to make it even more special and surprising? Mail it out, through the post office that is. All you need is a piece of paper, pen to write with, an envelope, stamp and your handwritten heart-felt expression. Address it to: the love of my life or my valentine or just his name, and send it out in the mail and wait for his expression when he open the mailbox and find an envelope addressed to him.

4. Dont have time to write a letter? Leave post-it notes around the house for him with little love notes. Post it to places where he would normally go, on the door, on the bathroom mirror, in the closet, by the coffeemaker, in his car, again, get creative.  

Letting someone know they are special doesn't have to be always materialistic. A simple gesture more often than not is so much more special. And the best thing is, it doesn't have to be done only on Valentines day. It can be carried out throughout the year. Make an effort to intentionally pursue your relationship throughout the year. And as you pursue your spouse, your friends, your children, your special someone, you will see your relationship and your love for them grow.