Be a reflection of what you like to see in others. If you want honesty, give honesty and you will get in return what you give. Here we are sitting and thinking ... Hmmmmm all of that sounds so easy to do, but in a world of real talk, is it really? Let's be honest, we all have told a lie one form or another (whether in white, gray, black, green, pink ... well you get the point), and sometimes we can be the one who's being lied to. We even tried so hard to understand that the circumstances is necessary just to make ourselves feel better about it. Well, the reality is we all know how it feels to be the one who is telling the truth or the one being lied to. So what does it mean? Is it ok to tell a lie or is it better to tell the truth even when the truth is 'ugly truth'. 


In this journey of learning life together, we have discovered something beautiful about being honest. More so, we have learned from the past and still continue to learn to live a life that is honest because we want to better ourselves. We know that we're not perfect, but we also know that Honesty and Trust is the root of any relationship. So what can we gain from being honest? A better friendship? A better relationship? A better marriage? Or a better LIFE in general? The list can go on and on and on. 


Being honest and truthful will help build a good solid foundation to any relationships in life. Honesty will earn us respect, integrity, credibility, trust, personal growth, and freedom. Sometimes being honest may not be pretty, but the truth doesn't cost a thing. A lie, on the other hand, could cost you everything. 


We have to be WISE, know the time and the place to tell the truth. Whether to be the one who's telling the truth or receiving the truth, we must be quick to listen and slow to judge. No one says it's easy, but the worst thing about being lied to is knowing you weren't good enough or worth the truth, so be compassionate. Honesty = truth and love. Even if it hurts, because it means you love them enough to better themselves and ourselves.

Honest life is a life goals! 



Honesty ... Where It All Begins