You don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note -Steve Honey

We often hear 'there is no "I" in the word Team'. How true that statement is. Almost all aspect of our lives involves teamwork. From marriage, a family, friendship to our work place, we all need each other to accomplish a common goal that has been set in front of us.

Do we ever stop and think for a minute that maybe if we focus on dividing the task we can actually multiply the success?

We all know, we can't do everything on our own even when we tried so hard. Well, maybe some of you can ... but for reals though, without teamwork you can only go so far.

So, what makes a team effort a successful one? Well, here are some of our thoughts.

Every individual is different and has unique qualities, talents and potentials which can increase the creativity of the team. Often times we focus on individual wants rather than focusing on the success we can achieve together when we put aside our own ego. We love how Sandra Swinney put it into words, "It is amazing how much people can get it done if they do not worry about who gets the credit." Whooooaaaa! So true!

When we work together in a team on a goal with real intentions and good purpose, we can achieve things beyond our greatest imaginations. However, if one strays, the dynamics will change and instead of getting things done faster, it will actually make it slower. Working together is important but it's also important when delegating work amongst the team that they have a clear understanding of what their task is. 

Trust. We need to trust one another. At times certain task is out of our control and it's in the control of the other team member. Believe and trust each other enough that they will execute their part at their very best.

Respect. We need to respect one another. Value each other's input, time and suggestions. Sometimes our opinion and take on things is not the best solution (although we might think it is), but other's input can make our opinion or solution "whole". We know that time is also as important as inputs or suggestions, we are all have a busy schedule, but when we respect each other's time, we can accomplish more in a time that has been allotted. 

Love. We are in this team because we love and care for one another. If we only think of ourselves and not care for others, we probably would only do what is required of us and not care for each other. But if we do things because we care for each other, we are willing to go the extra mile and we are willing to sacrifice things for each other to make our teamwork the best it can be. 

Always remember that "Life is not about competition, life is about helping and inspiring each others so we can each reach our potential." -Kim Chase

Just like a puzzle, it's not about the pieces, but how they work together.