Here we go again heading to the summer season. It seems every year it gets faster and faster than the year before. Or is it only us feeling it? ha!

Now that the days are getting hotter and longer, that final bell has rung at your kids'school .. summer has officially began but now what?!

For us, beside being moms, we realized we need more and more ideas to entertain our kids while they're out of school. Luckily for us, living in Southern California definitely has its own perks. All the beaches with its own cool breeze and its amusement park, the zoos, the lakes, the museums, the waterparks, or even simply visiting the local farmers market, can make our summer so fun while keeping the kids busy at the same time. Of course the list can go on and on. But what we most love doing is the endless moments of pool hangs with friends and family. And oh, the long summer nights spend while having some major BBQ days, is also a must! 

We must admit, sometimes three months of summer break for us seem like the longest months ever, especially having kids around twenty four seven haha! Not only we have to think what activities to do next to keep them entertain, but mostly we want them to truly enjoy it. And of course we want us to not feel overwhelm by it, and so it is perfectly ok and absolutely necessary to plan "just us girls" day of relaxing. We found that having a day set out for ourselves, it's not selfish, but it's definitely a day that can recharge our energy and soul.

We may think the summer break seems long, but if you plan accordingly, your summer can be jammed packed with a lot of fun stuff to do.

Here are some lists we want to share with you ..

Apple picking - find the farms closest from your area and enjoy old fashioned food and fun that your kids will treasure forever.

Biking - kids will find it fun even only around the neighborhood. Or to make it even more fun, biking in the park, by the beach, or joint bike culture that your town put it together for family.

Museum - visit your local museum. You'll be amaze to find what some museum has to offer. 

Ice cream stop - Ice cream is always a good idea. Can be throughly enjoyed by both kids and adults. Has a cooling effect and takes the grumpy away! Win win!

Family hiking - even one close to home and find the friendly hikes for kids. It's a great way to start build their endurance and love for outdoor.

Pool day - cool off to a pool whether it'd be yours or a friends. Pool days are always fun and kids can stay in there all day long!

Always a good 'ol fashion fun. Kids can swim and maybe adults can enjoy a cocktail or two.

Beach day - plan a beach day! And find a new beach to explore! Build epic sandcastles and enjoy a new stretch of sand.

Lake day - a trip to go out of town and enjoying the nature surrounding will give you a piece of mind while getting lost in its wonder.

There are lots activities to choose, most importantly whatever we choose to do, don't forget to treasure the precious moments we have together. Stay cool, stay hydrated, and sunblock sunblock and more sunblock! Happy planning and happy summer loves!