.. and it's Spring time!


Waking up to the birds singing, warm sunshine, and fresh blooms everywhere ... aahhh Spring you are definitely here. But eeeeekkk! Spring can be allergy season too, still we're not gonna let that steal the joy from what Spring can bring us.


Well, after pondering so many thoughts of putting it together, we've come into a conclusion of what we think Spring can bring us. So, here's what we think. Spring can bring a new beginning, a fresh start, and (oh this next one is the popular one to us haha) gone are the long dreary cold days and in are the brighter warmer days, (because that means, we can enjoy picnics at park, take a long relaxing walk around the neighborhood after a long day, lounging by the pool while reading a good book, the possibilities are endless!) 


For others, it might be the time for Spring cleaning. Packing away all the jackets and boots, the thick bulky sweaters and bring out the lighther clothes, flowy dresses, shirts and shorts while looking forward for a weekend trip to the beach or a weekend field trip with loved ones (yeah, beach are possible in the Spring if you live in California, it's the perks ha!) 





It's also a good reminder to 'de-clutter' the hecticness of what the first quarter of the new year has brought in and re-evaluating our new year's goal. Leave behind and learn from the past season and move forward with the new season. To us, every new season is a new start. Every new start is a new beginning. Every new beginning is a new journey. Every new journey is a new story. 

So let's create a blossom story together where we can be always blooming wherever we are planted.

Just like the flowers in the field before they turn into beautiful blooms in the Spring, each of them reach out for the sun to give breath to its life. Scattered around by the wind and Winter cold, they turned into something beautiful in the end ...

Remember Why We Started