Do you remember the days when social media was not a part of our lives? It seems forever ago, right? Now that social media is practically in our lives, it's kind of hard to escape it. Social media has provided us with more and quicker access to information we need at anytime, anywhere, and for anything we want or need. 


It can definitely be exciting and addicting, but as long as you know your place and your purpose then its one of the most useful tool out there. Whether you are looking for some exposure, wanting to inspire others, or keeping up to date with families and friends all over the world. 

However, many people use Social media as an easy gateway to bash and bully others while being anonymous because they do not agree with whatever it is that's going on in the person's life. May it be their dreams, their stories, their moments, their beliefs, their business, their hopes, their prayers .. (you can fill in the blank). 


What we post on social media has an effect on the people who comes across it. By sharing inspiring quotes or emotional vulnerability we can motivate them. Sometimes without our realization, we stumble upon others that needed to hear or see those positive posts/ thoughts. For example: an encouragement from a hectic day, a "lift me up" for an empty soul, or 

simply confirming that they are not alone in a certain season of their lives.


You'll be making a difference without even realizing it. 

We believe social media should be a positive community. An outlet where everyone can connect and inspire and be inspired. We can and should utilize our social media for the better, by posting or sharing encouraging thoughts, an uplifting quote, the verse of the day, or what you've learned through your season of life. 

Just remember, social media is a place to connect and inspire and be inspired. We encourage you to be positive and leave the negativity behind. Social media is what you make of it. So let's make it a good and positive one.