Pumpkin Painting


Love Love Love our Pumpkin Painting night! Looking through all these pictures from the other night brings back all the fun memories we have created. We planned this night as one of our ways of spending time with family and friends while painting some pumpkins in honor of Halloween week. 



It was a night well spent filled with so much fun, laughter, some painting seriousness, listening to music, eating and

oh .. eating again, and lots and lots of paintssss!


We must say .. us the adults had too much fun just by looking at the so many colorful paints. Yup! Bronze, Gold, Warm Platinum, Fushia, Black, Red, you name it haha!




Kiddos on the other hand, well .. they just want to have fun and they did. 


Here's to memories worth making!






We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.