Ahhhh... motherhood.  If you tell me last year that I'd be celebrating Mother's Day as a mother this year, I probably would not believe you. But GOD is ever so faithful (read about my pregnancy story here) and on March 11, 2017, I became a mother to a beautiful baby boy name Keon.


Motherhood as a first time mom really is what all the other moms says it would be: a full time job, or better yet, an all-the-time job. I didn't realize how true that is until I have to go through it on my own. The feeding every 2-3 hours (thank GOD Keon now feeds every 4 hours and only wakes up once at night for a feed -- this is BIG for someone who loves their sleep (me), but I am still waiting on the day (or night) when he sleeps through the night), the diaper changes, the sleepless nights, the cries, the piles of laundry, and the list goes on. It is an unending cycle that before you know, the day has gone by. I must admit that motherhood is not whatsoever easy.. it is tiring and at times frustrating. But on the other hand, seeing that little innocent face, his smile when he looks at you, his coos and ahhh's when you talk to him, is a reward that cannot be bought. I would not trade all the tiredness, the madness, and the chaos of motherhood for the world. I know I have so much more to go through and even more to learn about this so called motherhood. So far, in the past 2 months, Google has become my best friend, Disney Jr. has been the channel of choice, coffee-dates & quick Target runs is much needed and grandma has been a life-saver.


I am beyond grateful that GOD gave me the chance to take on this responsibility and to be able to celebrate Mother's Day, because I know there are women out there that are yearning for this day to be for them. So for you, this heartfelt wish written by one of our dearest friend @lidiahansen, I extend to you:


"To those mamas who don't think they are worth to be celebrated, this is a journey. We are all at lost sometimes. Get up and try again.  

To those who have been dreaming to be mamas for so long, for whatever reason, keep believing, have faith. Kids are worth the wait. 

To those who were mamas, even just for a little while, be grateful and don't let your soul shattered. Overcome and conquer the storm.

And lastly, to those who no longer have their mamas around, celebrate her life and cherish her memory. You are here today because of her."


And to all of us, let's enjoy this journey of life, every chaos, every mess, every ups and every down, make lots of memories and hold on to them dearly, because time, as we know it, sure does fly.