Hi Loves, Zenia (Zee, Zen, Nia) here! Can you believe that it’s August … ALREADY???

Before you know it, it will be December. We’ll be celebrating Christmas and then New Years!!! Arrgghhh… I don’t even want to think about it!!! I do not want to get ahead of myself. So for now, let’s enjoy the rest of the Summer before all the craziness of “going back to school” season starts followed by the firsts of holiday shopping. Fun, fun, fun…

Well, we thought it best to start a “getting to know you” blog sessions. This will enable you to get to know each one of us, individually. We’ll be sharing a little bit of ourselves, our thoughts, hobbies, hidden talents, and get a chance to showcase our own individualities. As you can see I happen to be the first to share mine! WooHoo!!!:) I hope you enjoy this first tidbit, for all of you readers *hint-hint* out there…. ENJOY! ;)

Well, if you’re like me and are deciding to have a staycation instead of a mini vacation to save money for that B.I.G. vacation trip… may I recommend several books to read. I promise you, they are not all boring. Reading is a great way to get away, it takes you to a place far far away and it forces you to use your imagination and be in the moment with the story. So in a way, you get to leave reality and be able to immerse yourself in another story other than your own. You get to leave behind all of the stress and monotonous lifestyle that we get so used to, day in and day out.

Ok, so let’s begin with something fun and easy to read. Books with pictures!!! Who does not like books with pictures??? Well, I love reading Manga. When all I want to do is read something very light, cheesy, and does not take a lot of brain power, Manga is my go to. Couple of Mangas I would suggest are: Boys over Flower (yes! they turned this into drama series for those of you that watches K-Drama or even Taiwanese Drama), Fruits Basket, Kodocha, and Marmalade Boy. These are just to name a few… just be careful, once you read them, you cannot put them down and they can get pretty expensive. These are some of my favorite and they’re such an easy read. 

If i have not given it away yet, I’m sure by now you know I love to read. Next let’s jump into fiction. I love fiction. Historical Fiction, Women Fiction, Crime Fiction, Action and Adventure, you name it. I hate to say this but a lot of the time I do judge the book by it’s cover (or the summary page). If you want to some easy reading, may I recommend Kiera Cass’ the Selection Series, Rachel Hauck’s Royal Wedding Series, and of course you can always re-read the Harry Potter Series, who doesn’t love Harry Potter?

Any book by Meave Binchy is always a must (I LOVE Evening Class,  Tara Road, A Week in Winter, just to name a few), Michelle Moran’s Nefertiti, Cleopatra’s Daughter, The Heretic Queen, (I don’t quite enjoy Madame Tussaud) but all her other books are a must read, and Gail Tsukiyama’s The Samurai’s Garden, Women of the Silk, Night of Many Dreams, The Language of Threads, … pretty much all of her books. These authors are my definite favorites!

As far as Action and Adventure books, I totally recommend Taylor Stevens’ Vanessa Michael Munroe Series. If you like the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series, you’ll love Vanessa Michael Munroe. Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon Series, is just awesome. They have helped me got through a pretty rough patch in my life.

There are many-many-many more books I would love to recommend to you, but I cannot write them all down. However, before I leave you there are a few more books I would love for you to check out. These are Christian books and if you are looking for something deep to read, these books will get you start thinking about life, faith, love, and all that entails. I highly recommend “Unashamed” by Christine Caine, “The Scent of Water” by Noemi Zacharias, “Why Suffering?: Finding Meaning and Comfort When Life Doesn’t Make Sense” by Ravi Zacharias, “Sense and Sensuality: Jesus Talks with Oscar Wilde on the Pursuit of Pleasure.” by Ravi Zacharias, “War Room” by Chris Fabry, “Unmerited Favor” by Joseph Prince, to name a few, and last but definitely not least “The Bible.” 

What ever your fancy is as far as reading, I hope I can encourage you to pick up a book, get out there with a cup of tea or coffee, lay out on the beach or your back yard… enjoy YOUR time. It does the heart and soul good to be alone sometimes. Take a “time-out” from all of the craziness that we call Life. A time where we can relax, get away, fantasize, dream, and get lost in a good story.

Happy Reading!!! :)