The sun was out, the alarm went off, I jumped out of bed I was sleeping with my mother and said to myself, today is my wedding day. The day I've been praying for and waiting for is finally here. I remembered the feeling of my heart going so fast because of the mixed feelings I had for that day. My oh my ... 


Recently my husband and I celebrated our 15th years of marriage. Rewinding back to the day when we said I do, was so magical. Every details of that day I can still remember vividly. Cruising down the Newport harbor with closest friends and family as we tied the knot .. oh so much memories happening on that day. But of course the best moment and memories of all from that day was marrying my best friend, my soul mate, my forever partner in life .. my husband. And to this day, that is still one of the best moments of my life. 


Fast forward to 15 years later, we are now parents to two beautiful children. A daughter who's almost a teenager and a son who's 8 years old. I have learned so much in this journey of a married life and motherhood. And the learning process still continues until now. 


This wonderful journey of life, has taught me so much about love and faith. Love that will never runs dry, and faith to trust the One who's leading my life. 


No marriage is perfect, we too have walked to the lowest valleys of our life but we also have walked to the highest peaks of our life. And the best thing about it is .. we overcome it and did it as a team with the One who's arranged our life together from the start. Our God and Savior. He never fails to reminds us to hold on to that faith, even when our faith is as little as mustard seeds. Faith that taught us to overcome the unbelief, because only He can do the impossible. And for that, I'm forever grateful. 


So, what about motherhood? Well, being a mother has definitely taught me to be selfless, multi task, patient, and requires me to take tons of deep breaths for reals! haha! It is definitely a beautiful thing but it also can be the craziest thing. Now that I have experienced it myself, I understand more of the things that my mom made me do or do for me when I was little. My oh my .. lets just say if I only knew then. Regardless, motherhood is one of the best things that could ever happened to me. It shapes me to be a better person. As crazy as my days can go with my children, there's not a day or a moment I would've loved them differently. Yes they have driven me to my insanity, pushed me to my depths, but still, they are the best of my heart. What they taught me the most was that I can still have the most fun even in the midst of life frustration. So why not take a pause, change my perspective and make it absolutely fun and incredible instead. And to that I'll say .. my love for them will forever be chasing them. Love that will never run dry. 


I'm hopeful that by me sharing this, we can all encourage one another. I understand in this reality of life, it's not always a smooth ride. Maybe some of us going through the toughest time in life, where all of a sudden seems no hope. Just remember, no amount of darkest hour will last forever, because the sun will always rise again. It's a promise. We may not believe the same beliefs, experience the same life, or have the same things. But don't let all that be the walls between us. Learning life together is one of the best thing we can all give to ourselves and to each other. I've always believed that every story in our life is worth telling, because we never know, what might be our darkest hour can be the brightest light for someone.