The best things in life are free


Did you ever wish that money grows on trees so you can buy all the things without the worry or do you get a little(or a lot) jealous when others buys things because they can? Do you also stop and think that the best things in life are free? It is important for us to never loose sight of that and sometimes we just need a little nudge or a friendly reminder. Sure, money can buy us all kinds of things but that's just it, they are just things. Things that doesn't really "fill" us up. Let's take a moment and think about it for a minute.  Pure joy and happiness doesn't come from the material things we own but from many other things that won't even cost you a penny.


For one, true friends and family are free. They will always be there for you especially in the time of need. Having the support system is very important and can even increase your lifespan.   


Second, happy memories are free. For example, hearing a toddler giggle or seeing your best friend walk down the aisle can bring so much joy and may even decrease anxiety. Nostalgia is one of the best feelings in the world and it doesn't even cost a dime.


Hugs and laughter does the body good. Sometimes a simple hug from someone we care about can make all the difference. I also read somewhere that hugs can lower our blood pressure. And you know what they say about laughter. It surely is the best medicine and can even lower stress.  


And then there is LOVE. To give love and to receive love is free. And sometimes, all you need is love. Feeling loved and wanted is imperative to our emotional health and if we're happy then our heart is also happy.  


Not only are the best things in life free but it's also beneficial for our health and will improve the quality of life. So go out there and give hugs, laugh and smile often, create good memories and most of all love.  Not only are you doing yourself a favor but others as well.  And...the best part is...its free!