We love having a party at the garage. And what better way than to share our ideas with you loves. We hope you'll find it useful and love it as we do.

Create a DIY chandelier of your choice to add more of the lighting vibes into the garage. 

What better way than to incorporate your guest names into part of your table setting by personalizing your guest names into kraft paper and use it as a place setting at the same time. Guaranteed it will make your guest extra special.

Be creative and add a little fun to it by creating a 'photobooth wall' for your guest to take some snapshots and make memories.

To make it more fun and vibrant, don't be afraid to spunky up your garage with a mix match pop up colors of your choice. It will brighten up the garage even more.

You can't go wrong with props. Have as many as you want because it will make it that much better on picture or even for the vibes only.

Improvise the table setting as you want. For this set up, we use pallets that we stacked together to give us the floor table we want. And for the seating, we use a mix match carpets with a lot of throw pillows and blankets. 

A festive paper plates and cutlery will also make the table setting look fancy. It doesn't always has to be a fancy chinaware or flatware right? :)

We love having fresh flowers or greenery. Aside of having it as the centerpiece, we also use the extra ones as props. The picture shown here is part of the photobooth wall we created. 

Lastly, make the memories ...