Sisterhood is a blessing. We can share happy moments as well as get through the tough times together. But how many people and personalities are involved in a sisterhood? So many, right?! How do we deal with these differences? Well, over the course of the year, we have learned so much from each other differences and have came up with a few things on how to handle the differences in sisterhood. 

With so many differences we can’t expect that each of us has to agree on everything, all the time. And we understand that, that is okay and that is normal. We know that everyone wants to feel understood and supported but the way to meet those needs varies widely, and for us, how to deal with those differences in a healthy positive way is crucial. 

When it comes to handling differences, to start, it is important to realize that we are all created differently, and those differences should be seen as an advantage. It should be embraced and used as a tool to complete each other. Try to see the other person’s perspective and try to find that balance with your perspective, this will lead us to learn to be more understanding and to be patient. 

Communication is also very important to resolve problems or differences, as well as giving each other space to think or simply just to calm down. We are human and we all make mistakes. We believe there is always room for people to grow and to give second chances.

Behind every negative trait there is a positive quality that is being misused. Acceptance is key. Think positively and love them for who they are, and accept them as God’s own creation, uniquely designed for His purpose. It’s really worth the hassle to resolve conflict and differences. At the end, we love each other and that is what matter most. Let’s build our differences to better ourselves and our relationship.

Philippians 4:8: “Fix your thoughts on what it’s true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise”.