How do we love? 


Many claim to have unfailing love, but a faithful person who can find? -proverbs 20:6 NIV 


I've been thinking more about what this means. I often ask myself, is this what it means to have the kind of love that will last forever? To faithfully love the person no matter what, even when I fully know they may still hurt me and disappoint me over and over again? Is there a limit to that? All of these questions keeps popping in my head. 


Yes, of course it's easier said than done right? Especially when all the things around us are perfectly fine. When our finance is great, when our relationships are amazing, when our jobs are what we've been dreaming about, or .. we can fill in the blanks. But can we truly honestly say, I will love you unfailingly still, even when everything between or around us are not perfectly fine? When everything starts to fall apart. How do we actually react to it in all honesty? 


When I first came across this bible verse, I feel convicted. Not gonna lie, it's not easy to love unfailingly, but oh .. it's so rewarding! 


I've learned both in an easy way and in a hard way. And each times, it reminds me of how God faithfully stays 'in love with me' still, no matter how I would choose to react. He can so easily say to me, forget you Nadia! (just like I would, when I allowed my emotion takes over me 🙈) but instead, He chose to keep me around and continue to show me the kind of love that faithfully last forever. He never ever gives up on me. 


So, back to the question above .. how do we love? And believe me when I say that I'm not an expert at this. Not even close! But I can truly say this, learning how to love faithfully is a process. It's not an overnight thing. It's actually a daily thing. A process that will require a commitment. A commitment not only to ourselves but to everyone we encounter, especially our loved ones. 


And to have the faithful kind of love it has to come from a pure heart. A heart that would be willing to say .. how can I love you better when everything start to fall apart. Faithful love is not about giving it more, but it's about giving it better. That's the kind of love that cannot be bought but can only be received through a faithful person. 


I believe in any kind of relationships, whether it's friendship, spouse, family, coworkers .. etc, these relationships are not always a smooth ride. Sometimes, we had to encounter 'a turbulence' that coming out of nowhere, or maybe 'a pouring rain that last for days, weeks or even months'. All of these can be so overwhelmingly heavy. I remember one time I heard on the radio, 'something wrong' had to have happened in order to make 'something right' in the future. Wow wow wow I thought! Sounds so simple but yet so true. But in reality, can we really easily say that we'll hold on to each other faithfully 'til the end? I can honestly say, there are moments in my life that I've allowed my emotion to take over and say, I give up. It's not something I'm proud of but it's definitely something I can learn from. 


Here I am sitting here writing this, fully knowing, that I am still learning. Learning not only to love unfailingly, but also to be the faithful one that don't easily say 'I'm giving up'. It's not gonna be easy, but I'm confident that every time I'm reminded by God's perfect love to me, it's going to make it easier. 


Someone once said to me, 'I'm still learning mom, promise me you'll do your best to be patient with me'. -Aaron (my lil boy ☺️) 


And just like that he reminds me to always patiently do my best to be the faithful one in giving myself and everyone a chance to learn. 


Let's learn together. Love better. Love unfailingly.