As 2017 comes to a close, I realized that this year has been a year full of learning, challenges, and changes. I tend to live day by day monotonously; however when I look back through the year, changes actually took place and I am not where I was a year ago. 

2017 brought me relief from a very stressful situation to a relatively happy one. I learned to let myself go, learned to not take myself too seriously, and learned to allow God to use me. Letting go of my ways and expectations are a little tricky, but when I did... Oh boy! God showed Himself kind, just, fair, and all knowing.

As this chapter of my life closes, thinking about lost and new friends, lost and new loves, lost and new relationships, realizing that our time, our ways, our wants are not always the best for us. At times it's hard because I always think "only if..." and "it should be this or that way..." but, I continue to learn to put my trust in God.

I still have a lot to learn and I cannot wait to see what God has in store in 2018. New things and new places are in store. Praying that God will continue to stretch me... and You! 
Cheers to a New Year and many adventures 🥂



Here we are at year’s end. As I look back over the year, I have so much to be thankful for. much. The good and the bad experiences in 2017 have shaped me to be a better person and all for the greater good. 
This year, I have learned so much about setting boundaries. You can say I’m a people pleaser. I really hate to let other people down to the extent that I just say yes to make other people happy or to make some people say that I’m a nice person or perhaps to make my life easier. But actually, it’s more about lacking personal boundaries that have made me overwhelmed and burned out. 
I decided to set boundaries. It’s not easy. It’s difficult and challenging for me. But I realized setting boundaries is such an important part of having a healthy relationship and to enable me to experience less stress to pursue my passion and purpose that God intended for my life. Maybe I learned this the hard way but boy did I learn. Is it worth it?. Yes, I’m extremely thankful for the lesson. In the end, you can say it’s a blessing in disguise. 
This is a process. I’m still learning. But it’s okay. It takes practice and more practice. It takes time. I just know it will make my life better and happier. 
Thank you Jesus for 2017. You have been so so so good for me and my family. And I can’t wait for what You have prepared for us next year. Looking forward for 2018. 
And cheers for all of us!!!!



Something we learned this year


We all know that life is unpredictable and some days, there are situations we just cannot control.  But one thing I have learned in my old age;) is that putting some time aside for yourself is a must.  I know that it can be challenging at times but we have to make time for ourselves even if it’s just 5-10 minutes a day whether it’s enjoying a cup of coffee first thing in the morning while everyone is still sound asleep or perhaps taking a quick walk outside to get some fresh air.  Whatever it may be, make sure you have some  “me” time.  


If we do not make time for ourselves,  our body will tell us otherwise and we do not want to get to that point.  In order to provide our best to others, whether it be in a relationship with a partner, family and friends, we have to provide the best to ourselves first.  Building and maintaining a healthy relationship to our own self will reflect the same vibe to others and promote positivity in our lives.  


So every time I notice myself taking those big sighs more often than I want, I know that I need to take a break, and take a break I shall and you should too. 





2017.. what a roller coaster of a year it has been. I received the greatest gift this year, my son, but along with that came my greatest responsibilities, challenges and fears. My faith was tested like never before when my son had to be in the NICU intubated and fighting for his life for the first 2 weeks of his life. Our boat was rocked, no doubt. But little did we know, this very incident would be the setting sail & anchor of our trials in 2017. You see this incident have taught me to ALWAYS keep my eyes above my problems and set it on THE ONE that forsees ALL things. It taught me to have trust and faith in GOD though the situation in front of me does not appear to be promising. It reminded me that ALL THINGS happens for a reason, and that ALL THINGS works together for those who loves GOD. These are the things that kept me grounded while my son was in the hospital, and GOD again and again came through for him, for us. As we take him home, life begins again. And when life comes clouding my mind with worries and fears, GOD just reminds me of how HE had come through at the highest and lowest point of our life and HE will and did come through again and again.

So as we close 2017, I thank GOD for ALL THINGS, good and bad, for they are all within HIS plan, for all are the stepping stones of our lifes. I don’t know what 2018 has in store for me, but I can be sure that whatever happens are according to HIS plan, and it’s my job to keep my eyes on HIM and to trust in HIS mighty plan for my life.



Dear Twenty Seventeen, 


You’ve been one awesome year but yet one challenging year. From celebrating every milestone of birthday and anniversary, to having another nephew, to have gone through life’s greatest challenges and to be able to experience life on the other side of the world doing a mission trip to Cambodia and Thailand .. Twenty Seventeen, you have blessed me far beyond than I could ever imagine! And for that, I thank my God for giving me another year filled with so much lessons learned, all the undeniable blessing, the joy, the laughter, the tears, but most of all .. for believing and trusting me with the biggest trust He could ever given to me .. this life. 


Reflecting back to this past year, there’s no doubt every highs and lows this life could ever experienced has thought me to  be still and grateful. To always appreciate the simple things and never stop learning to be thankful. It challenged me to be more patience in the waiting times and to let myself know that it’s ok to be vulnerable and weak. Life will never be perfect. In fact, it’s ok to let life give us some hard and sad days. It is through those days I learned to appreciate life even more. When my emotion is outrageous and when my heart is overwhelmed, those were the moments I needed to be still the most and let God work through me and in me. This life of mine belongs to Him. It is through my desperation I found that He was working on my happiness. Once again I said, thank you God for never ever giving up on me.


Let’s cheers to this New Year 2018! I pray that this year is brimming with God’s greatest blessing for us. 





Happy New Year