Whooooaaa it's been one whole year since we started this journey together and we are overwhelmed with so many feelings of overjoy that we can't contain. How time flies when you're having fun. It seems as if it was just yesterday we were planning, brainstorming and launching this blog.

It all started as a dream, then we believe with every ounce of our hope, and reality kicks in when the journey begins. We laughed, we argued, we disagreed, we had misunderstandings and maybe shed a tear or two. But despite all of that, we've gotten closer together as we grow together as sisters, as friends, and as confidants and we would not change it for the world.

This little sisterhood has taught us to love without judgement, to trust without doubting and to accept each other unconditionally. Most of all, it pushed us beyond our boundaries to grow and keep on growing because together we are stronger. We give each other hope and courage to face anything that life throws at us. Life is a

beautiful mess, but doing it together makes it amazing.

In our one year journey, we were able to cross path with so many wonderful and amazing women whose souls are beautiful and hearts are big. Making memories together through our charity event that we will cherish forever. What once a creative collaboration, but now blossomed into a beautiful friendship. 

But most of all, we are beyond honored to know that we were able to help children in need in Kenya and Indonesia. All in all, we can't wait what the future has in store for us as we continue to dream big.

Our greater days has just begun and to say we are blessed is not enough.

Happy ONE Year

No Matter Who We Are, Even The Smallest Steps Can Have The Greatest Impact.