The jingles, the bright beautiful colors, the shopping, the crisp cold air, wrapping the presents, chestnut praline latte, peppermint eggnog, getting dolled up, filled up, be merry and bright with loved ones ... the time goes by so fast! And can you tell we still having a hard time to move on from all the holiday feels? 

After taking our winter break from blogging to spent sometime with our loved ones, we are now reminiscing on the memories.


It was one for the book indeed. We always look forward to our annual get together. Mostly because we get to unwind from the busy hustle and bustle lives and rekindle on the memories we have made together all through the year. Aside from having all the other family gathering, this annual get together is also special to us. And it's because no kids or significant other are allowed but us girls. We realized it's also important for us to have our time alone with girlfriends during this special time of year. And so, what better way than to have a Friendsmas dinner right? 

Now that we are getting a tad older :) to us, Christmas means more than just about giving and getting presents. Yes we totally enjoy giving and getting presents, but we also love that we get another chance to be together with the ones we love. And for that, being present is something we don't want to take for granted. Being able to share and cherish the joy of the moment in laughter with some kodak moment or maybe a lot of kodak moments (yeah we know, we love taking lots of pictures or nowadays it's the boomerang lol), it's a gift enough to last a lifetime. And to be surrounded with good meal and sweet dessert on top of that ... let's just say, it's a bonus haha!

Now that our hearts and tummies are full with the joy of the moment, Christmas also reminds us to not forget what exactly we are celebrating. The birth of Jesus Christ. This is the reason what make this time of year so special for us. It's so easy to get caught up with everything around us and forget what Christmas is all about. Having Friendsmas is not only for the good times we have with each other, but it's also a reminder to us all that we've been given another chance to live the best possible life He has for us because of His birth. We are so thankful and grateful to have each other to learn and love life together.

We hope that your Christmas was filled with wonderful memories and let's cheer to many more Friendsmas and to making it a stunning one every time!