Everyone has desires, dreams, and visions. 

Every morning you have a choice to leave that dream in your "sleep" or wake up and chase after them. Which one are you?


As for us, we chase our dreams because we believed we could and so we did, and this is where it all started...


Taco Tuesday holds a special meaning to us because it's not just a weekly special night event at the local taco place. 

The DREAM of this blog was first brought up during one of our many taco nights. Beside enjoying the goodness of the tacos, we love how we get to share and learn life together. We BELIEVE from the very beginning that we are dreamers, thinkers, doers, and we see possibilities in everything. 


Along the way we may face fears, doubts, uncertainty, and even stumbling blocks. But when you believe in yourself it will become a huge step into chasing your dreams, even when people closest to you does not have faith in your dreams, believe you can ACHIEVE it! It is the courage to continue that COUNTS.





Don't be afraid to chase after your dreams, but instead be afraid of all the missed opportunities if you don't try. 


Dream it with all your mind

Believe it with all your heart 

Achieve it with all your might!