Prepping for back to school doesn’t have to be all stressful.   Why not make it fun for both kiddos and parents (okay, mostly moms *wink). And if your kids are in elementary like ours,

well .. after some years of experience, we find that kids are typically not as excited to go back to school after having a loooong summer break. Ok, maybe to some of us moms too, or maybe not. So, here's what we did differently this year. Hoping that we can make it less stressful but more of the fun part. And it worked! ha! We recently took our kids out on a picnic and love how we used that time to talk about their school preparation. Rather than having us decide or tell them what to do, we got the kids involved in making decisions on their bedtime routines during school night, lunch menu ideas and most importantly their school year goals (with our approval, of course, because you can’t go to bed at 10:30pm or have pizza every single day or have another year off of school *sighhh).







Not only will you spend some quality time before all the school hectic-ness begins, but having a picnic and being in the outdoors will turn this stressful time of the year into a relaxing and enjoyable one.