November Twenty First 2018
An Outlet

Do you remember the days when social media was not a part of our lifes? It seems forever ago,
right? Now that social media is practically in our lives, it's kind of hard to escape it. Social media
has provided us with more and quicker access to information we need at anytime, anywhere, and for anything we want or need.

June Twenty Second 2018
Summer Up

Here we go again heading to the summer season. It seems every year it gets faster and faster than the year before. Or is it only us feeling it? ha!

Now that the days are getting hotter and longer, that final bell has rung at your kids school .. summer has officially began but now what?!

January First 2018
Hello Good Bye

Saying good bye to 2017 and hello to 2018

October Twenty Seventh 2017
Cambo Thai Days

The light keeps shining in the dark, and darkness has never put it out -John 


To go on a mission trip has always been in my heart. Mainly because I want to experience life outside my normal life. And not knowing when or where God will be sending me always makes me want to trust Him even more. His timing is always perfect. 

June Ninth 2017

How Do We Love?

Many claim to have unfailing love, but a faithful person who can find? -proverbs 20:6 

I've been thinking more about what this means. I often ask myself, is this what it means to have the kind of love that will last forever? To faithfully love the person no matter what, even when I fully know they may still hurt me and disappoint me over and over again? Is there a limit to that? 

May Sixteenth 2017


Ahhhh... motherhood.  If you tell me last year that I'd be celebrating Mother's Day as a mother this year, I probably would not believe you.  But GOD is ever so faithful (read about my pregnancy story here) and on March 11, 2017, I became a mother to a beautiful baby boy name Keon.

March Twenty First 2017

Utah Trip

This year we got to visit a town in Iron County, Utah called Brian Head. It has an average of 360 inches of snow every year.  It also offers some of the best snowboarding and skiing in Southern Utah.  And it's about a 3 hour drive from Las Vegas, Nevada. So if you're looking for a quick weekend snow getaway, Brian Head is the place to go.

March First 2017

Let Go And Let God

We had a plan. We wanted it to turn out the way we have imagined as best. And ... it didn't turn out as we've planned. We got irritated, stressed and lost our mind. Does that sound like a plan? Lol ... just kidding.

February Second 2017

Tough Love

So, what is tough love? Isn't love supposed to be all the beautiful feelings that filled our hearts to begin with? It's pretty clear the meaning of love itself is self explanatory. Then why would we want to make it into a tough love or should we say that it is love that hurts us?

January Eighteenth 2017

New You

Welcome to 2017! It’s the New Year… so, does that mean it’s also the New you?

Well, for most of us, we’d like to think so or at the very least plan for it. Every year we make our New Years resolution/goal list. Let’s be honest, how many of us actually follow through with them?

January Fifth 2017


The jingles, the bright beautiful colors, the shopping, the crisp cold air, wrapping the presents, chestnut praline latte, peppermint eggnog, getting dolled up, filled up, be merry and bright with loved ones ... the time goes by so fast! And can you tell we still having a hard time to move on from all the holiday feels? 

November Fifteen 2016

Meet Nadia

The sun was out, the alarm went off, I jumped out of the bed I was sleeping with my mother and said to myself, today is my wedding day. The day I've been praying for and waiting for is finally here. I remembered the feeling of my heart goes so fast because of all the mixed feeling I had for that day. My oh my ... 

October Eighteenth 2016

Meet Ira

Have you ever long for something so bad that it has taken over your energy, emotion, thoughts and maybe even your life?  I am going to my vulnerability state here (which, if you know me, it's very rare), and please allow me to share a story of my infertility and of a GOD who is more than faithful to HIS promises.

October Fourth 2016


You don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note -Steve Honey

We often hear 'there is no "I" in the word Team'. How true that statement is. Almost all aspect of our lives involves teamwork. From marriage, a family, friendship to our work place, we all need each other to accomplish a common goal that has been set in front of us.

September Nineteen 2016

Meet Hazel

The best things in life are free


Did you ever wish that money grows on trees so you can buy all the things without the worry or do you get a little(or a lot) jealous when others buys things because they can? Do you also stop and think that the best things in life are free? It is important for us to never loose sight of that and sometimes we just need a little nudge or a friendly reminder. Sure, money can buy us all kinds of things but that's just it, they are just things. Things that doesn't really "fill" us up. 

September Six 2016

How To Handle Differences

Sisterhood is a blessing. We can share happy moments as well as get through the tough times together. But how many people and personalities are involved in a sisterhood?  So many, right?! How do we deal with these differences? Well, over the course of the year, we have learned so much from each other differences and have came up with a few things on how to handle the differences in sisterhood. 

August Twenty Second 2016

Meet Elyn

It Is Not Our Circumstances It Is Our Reaction


The nature of life is unexpected challenges. At some point in our life we all face struggles such as health, relationship, work, financial, kids, and much more. Whatever happened in your life right now just know that you are not alone.

August First 2016

Meet Zee

Hi Loves, Zenia (Zee, Zen, Nia) here! Can you believe that it’s August … ALREADY???

Before you know it, it will be December. We’ll be celebrating Christmas and then New Years!!! Arrgghhh… I don’t even want to think about it!!! I do not want to get ahead of myself. So for now, let’s enjoy the rest of the Summer before all the craziness of “going back to school” season starts followed by the firsts of holiday shopping. Fun, fun, fun…


Well, we thought it best to start a “getting to know you” blog sessions. This will enable you to get to know each one of us, individually. We’ll be sharing a little bit of ourselves, our thoughts, hobbies, hidden talents, and get a chance to showcase our own individualities. As you can see I happen to be the first to share mine! WooHoo!!!:) I hope you enjoy this first tidbit, for all of you readers *hint-hint* out there…. ENJOY! ;)

July Eleven 2016

Happy ONE Year

Whoooaaa it's been one whole year since we started this journey together and we are overwhelmed with so many feelings of overjoy that we can't contain. How time flies when you're having fun.

June Fourteen 2016

Water Is Life

One of our goals for this year is to help those who are less fortunate in any way we can. There are so many out there who are struggling for whatever the reason may be, and any help we can provide will definitely leave an impact and make a difference in their lives, whether we do something big or something as small as providing them with, let's say, water for example. Because to them, water can mean anything. Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something. Sometimes we take things for granted and often forget that there are others out there who are less fortunate compare to us.

May Seventeen 2016

Giving Back

We live in a society who thinks and cares more about ourselves. We look everywhere to find that one thing that can fulfill our empty hearts. May it be partying, drinking, eating, and working.. But, have you thought about giving back? Giving back to the community, helping those who are less fortunate. You don't have to go far, you can start at your local food bank or soup kitchen. 

April Nineteen 2016

Weekend Getaway

Why not a weekend getaway? Yeah sure!

Who doesn’t need a weekend of no responsibilities but a time to unwind from a busy week of duties, lounging by the pool, sipping on rose or your favorite drink and enjoying the sun, nonsense chit-chats, stay in and watch a movie while eating junk food? 

April Sixth 2016

Spring Is Here



.. and it's Spring time! 


Waking up to the birds singing, warm sunshine, and fresh blooms everywhere ... aahhh Spring you are definitely here. But eeeeekkk! Spring can be allergy season too, still we're not gonna let that steal the joy of what Spring can bring us.


March Twentieth 2016

Why The Unusual?



It's been 8 months now since we started blogging. So many wonderful and adventurous moments in this journey of life as we learn to captured every moment of this life and share it among others. And to be given this amazing platform to do life together and met with so many wonderful people along the way, it's beyond what we could ever imagine. In this journey, people often ask us why we call our blog The Unusual? or to some maybe what is this blog all about? Well loves, we hope that after reading this blog post, we answered the questions 😉


March Eight 2016

One LOVE At A Time

Let All You Do Be Done In LOVE.

Overwhelmed with so much joy and gratitude, we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your amazingness in supporting and pouring your love to us at the "A Night To Love On" event. We can't thank you enough for each and everyone of you who came out and showing us so much love as we help raise awareness in helping and empowering the at risk and vulnerable people of Africa.

February Twenty Third 2016

A Night To Love On

Looking for a place to hangout where you can relax and enjoy live music on a Friday night? Friday, March the 4th to be exact ... Well, come and hangout with us, groove to live acoustic music, drink your favorite drink and enjoy ubelicious snacks AND what is even better, you have the opportunity to give back while you are having fun and hanging out. You have nothing to lose, right?

February Eight 2016

Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentines Day does not have to be heavy in our pockets or sometimes may not even have a price tag at all. Let's not forget Valentines Day is about celebrating our relationship and the joy of togetherness with our loved ones.

January Eleventh 2016

New Year's Wishes


Hello 2016! With every New Year comes new beginnings, a fresh start, new goals, and a new you. Some have lists of what they want to accomplish this year while others have just one or two. Today, we want to share with you some, if not all, of our goals and resolutions for this year. Let's not be afraid to sparkle a little more and shine a little brighter.




December Fourteenth 2015

Merry Christmas

'Tis The Season .. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Fa La La La La La La La .. the Christmas carols, the smell of a pine tree .. 

Could you believe that Christmas is just around the corner?! The time has flown by so fast that we could still taste the turkey in our mouths. We know that everyone celebrates the holidays in many different ways. For us, holidays is about getting together with family, friends, and celebrating the birth of Christ.





November Thirtieth 2015

Thankful Notes

Let our lives be full of both thanks and giving

November Sixteenth 2015

Love Never Fails

LOVE. Such an easy word to say and throw around, yet the most complicated word or action to comprehend. Love, is also a beautiful thing that holds so much power and so much meaning and so essential to daily living. And yes...sometimes, to love is not easy. At one point or another, love can also be the very thing that disappoints us and hurts us the most. And maybe even brings us down to our lowest.   

October Thirty First 2015

Be Bold

"Be the one that nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart, one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them." -anonymous. 
This statement can't be anymore inspiring than it already is. Being Bold is not about self pride because we're 'better' than anyone else. It is a constant process of trying to be different; leading a life that is kind, passionate, and loving. Often we find ourselves in a crowd that brings others down rather than lift one another up. 

Don't get us wrong, sometimes we are guilty. We even make excuses like "well no one is perfect," just to make ourselves feel a little less guilty. Being Bold is a choice: follow the crowd or walk alone in the sense of knowing what's right. Be the one who walks alone with the desire to lift others. We can change what's regular to Never Regular without missing the chance to LOVE. Because we are at our best when we cheer each other on and build each other up.


Be Bold enough to use your voice, but not too loud that others will not listen. Be the change.

October Seventeenth 2015

Ugly Truth

Be a reflection of what you like to see in others. If you want honesty, give honesty and you will get in return what you give. Here we are sitting and thinking ... Hmmmmm all of that sounds so easy to do, but in a world of real talk, is it really? Let's be honest, we all have told a lie one form or another (whether in white, gray, black, green, pink ... well you get the point),and sometimes we can be the one who's being lied to. We even tried so hard to understand that the circumstances is necessary just to make ourselves feel better about it. Well, the reality is we all know how it feels to be the one who told a lie or being lied to. So what does it mean? Is it ok to tell a lie or is it better to tell the truth even when the truth is 'ugly truth'?


October Third 2015

Everyone has desires, dreams, and visions. 

Every morning You have a choice to leave that dream in your "sleep" or wake up and chase after them. Which one are you?

Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It

September Nineteenth 2015

Dreaming of Fall


Aaahhhhh... Fall is finally around the corner. 

Hanging out at your favorite coffee shop, chit-chatting, giggling, and sipping on your favorite fall drinks with your favorite friends while nibbling on sweet treats to top it off. Heavenly!!!

September Fifth 2015

Blessed Struggle

Together is better than one. As much as how true the statement is to us, we realized that it's not gonna be an easy road even from the start. These past 2 months have been a learning process for all of us. The struggle is real folks! But so are the blessings. 

Five different women with five different opinions, as you can imagine, can be a bit challenging. But it is one task we promised each other, that we are going to accomplish this together through the good, the bad and the ugly. Not gonna lie, it has not been all peaches around here. We constantly struggle with conflicts of our schedules, misunderstandings, miscommunications or lack thereof and not to mention, last minute situations that we cannot control because LIFE do happen.  

August Twenty Second 2015



Prepping for back to school doesn’t have to be all stressful. Why not make it fun for both kiddos and parents (okay, mostly moms *wink).

After having a long summer break, kids are typically not as excited to go back to school. 

Back To School

August Eight 2015

Mammoth In The Summer


Jaw dropping, right??? Curious? 

Are you as behind as us, when it comes to your summer vacay?

Are you looking for a quick getaway before the summer is over? 

We recently kicked off our summer with friends and family with a trip to Mammoth and fell in love with it. 

We know what you’re thinking, Mammoth in the summer??? Well… if you haven’t been, you have to check it out.

July Twenty Fifth 2015



Easier said than done, right?

Each of us struggles to some degree in finding the beauty within.

Magazines, tv, the internet, and social media are channels to which what our society portrays as beautiful.

But what is the meaning of beauty? Is it only on the outside? What about the inside?

Image can mean many different things; to us image is how you feel within, there is nothing more rare nor more beautiful than being comfortable in your own skin.




Loving ourselves is a learning process. 

It’s not an easy road, for many it is a constant struggle. 

Each of us have the ability to choose to love ourselves.

What you see and feel on the inside will also project on the outside.

Don’t pretend. Learn to love yourself despite of your weaknesses and embrace your PERFECT imperfections.

Be your own kind of beautiful and know that we are fearfully and wonderfully created in HIS perfection.

Stay beautiful and love on!

July Eleven 2015

Celebrating Sisterhood

What can one truly say about sisters? Sisterhood can be a beautiful mess. Learning to love each other even when we are (at times or all the time) unlovable is difficult. Despite of our different beliefs, we support each other and we are each other's confidantes. We ARE soul sisters. Join us in our journey as we grow, laugh, live, and love together through this adventure we call life.

Beautiful Things - Gungor
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